I am half British and half from Luxembourg. I was born in Brussels and grew up in different countries such as Thailand, Morocco, Malta and Italy. I have a BSc in Computing and a diploma in Graphic Design & Web Development. I’ve lived in Amsterdam for over 7 years and I still love it.

My work

I am a web developer working on front-end & back-end applications. I add interactivity and fun to our web campaigns. My main driver is experimenting with innovative ways and systems, implementing and improving our applications and exploring new approaches to tackle problems.

My passion

I am very curious and fascinated by anything technological that flies. I like watching movies and playing video games, but I enjoy being in out and about in nature and cycling around town or cruising the canals of Amsterdam in my tiny boat. When I have the opportunity, I like to travel and discover new places around the world. #snowboarding #wakeboarding