Privacy policy of Quince Solutions B.V.

This privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data of all our users relating to the products
and/or services of Quince Solutions B.V.. This document sets out what data is collected and
processed and for which purposes. This document also contains information about our cookie policy.
By using products and/or services of Quince Solutions B.V. and accepting its privacy policy, you, as
the user, agree with the following applicable conditions.

WHO is responsible for the processing of your personal data?
Quince Solutions B.V. is responsible for collecting, managing and processing your personal data in
accordance with the applicable guidelines. If a third party is used for the processing, this will be
stated under the heading ‘Sharing of personal data with third parties’.

WHAT personal data do we collect and WHEN?
Quince Solutions B.V. collects different data from you that is either necessary or optional for
business operations. Below you will find a list of data that is automatically collected (such as during a
visit to our website) and data that we only collect with your permission. The personal data is
classified into four groups in connection with the different purposes for its collection and processing.
Please see the heading ‘Why and how do we use your personal data?’ for further information about
these categories.

1. To be able to deliver products and services to you
o Contact details (name, email address, telephone number);

2. To run, improve and maintain our business, products and services and for general research
and analytical purposes

o General data that is (automatically) stored when you use our website and/or apps (cookies,
cookie IDs, IP addresses, device IDs and types, domains, browser types, language settings,
operating systems, specific software for web applications, system settings, data, times,
countries, time zones, web beacons, tags, call statuses, network access, storage
information, battery information). You can find more information on this under the
heading ‘Cookies and tracking via website and/or app use’;
o Data about user behaviour that is (automatically) stored when you use our website and/or
app (data relating to interaction with this website/apps, referring URLs, click behaviour,
repeat visits and use, time spent on the website/app). You can find more information on
this under the heading ‘Cookies and tracking via website and/or app use’.


Certain special personal data with a sensitive status such as religion, ethnicity, origin, political
preference and data about physical (personal) characteristics such as eye colour, height, weight etc
is not stored and/or processed by Quince Solutions B.V..


TOOLS to manage the personal data we collect
If you use our products/services, apps and websites, Quince Solutions B.V. requests your permission
for collecting and/or processing personal data, if required by law. This will take place via opt-in. In
addition, the data collection is subject to standard authorisation of your device and additional tools
available via your browser, device and other programmes and apps, and your personal settings.


WHY and HOW do we use your personal data?
As described under the heading ‘What personal data do we collect and when?’, Quince Solutions
B.V. collects various personal data for various purposes, subdivided into four categories. This
includes the performance of its obligations, and if Quince Solutions B.V. has a justified interest for
the performance of its products and/or services. Data for secondary purposes is exclusively
processed for the purpose for which the user has given explicit permission. Each category is
described below.

1. To be able to deliver products and services to you
If you purchase products and/or services from Quince Solutions B.V., only data required for the
delivery of such shall be processed (named in the first category under the heading ‘What personal
data do we collect and when?’.

2. To be able to guarantee the functions of websites and apps
If you have a personal account on the website and/or app of Quince Solutions B.V., the data within
this category is only used in support of such functionality/functionalities. This also applies if the user
independently places and/or exchanges information on one or more of our websites. You can find
more information on this under the heading ‘Cookies and tracking via website and/or app use’.

3. Promotional purposes: the sharing of information about our products, services and events
If you have given Quince Solutions B.V. permission to use your data for promotional purposes, you
may receive information in the form of newsletters, offers, service messages and one or more
electronic messages. A targeted offer via email is also possible, provided you have indicated to agree
with this.

4. To run, improve and maintain our business, products and services and for general research
and analytical purposes

Quince Solutions B.V. can use the data in this category for general analyses for management,
analysis, maintenance, optimisation and protection of its products/services. In addition, this data
can also be used for strategic analyses and reports. During visits to our website and/or app, our
servers can also (automatically) store information such as URLs, IP addresses, browser types,
languages, data and times. You can find more information on this under the heading ‘Cookies and
tracking via website and/or app use’.

SHARING of your personal data
In addition to Quince Solutions B.V. and the third parties stated below, only those persons who are
authorised to protect, process personal data and/or carry out IT-maintenance work have access to
this data.

• Sharing personal data with third parties
Your data is not shared with third parties unless expressly set out below. Quince Solutions B.V. has
entered into an agreement with these party/parties that safeguards the privacy and security of the

Quince Solutions B.V. shares personal data with the following parties:
Name                               Service
Google Analytics           Data analysis service
Firebase Analytics         Data analysis service
HotJar                             Data analysis service

PROTECTION and MANAGEMENT of your personal data
Quince Solutions B.V. has taken technical and organisational measures to protect personal data
against loss or unlawful processing including:

• Encryption and security
Filled in forms are stored on WordPress servers:

• International transfer of your personal data
Your data is not shared with foreign third parties, unless express permission has been granted for

• Retention period of your personal data
The personal data shall exclusively be retained for the period required for the proper performance
of the above-listed purposes. This data is retained for a maximum of 2 years. In the event longer
retention periods have been determined than those stated by law, these periods apply.

Your RIGHTS relating to your personal data
All our users have the right to inspection, rectification, deletion, processing restriction, data
portability and objection to the processing of his/her personal data. If you wish to make use of this,
please contact Quince Solutions B.V. via email, telephone or by post (see the heading ‘Contact with
Quince Solutions B.V. relating to the privacy policy’).

Children below the statutory age limit according to local regulations may not use the website and/or
register for our apps without the permission of their parents or legal guardians.

COOKIES and tracking via website and/or app use

• How is your data (automatically) collected
If you make use of our website and/or app, Quince Solutions B.V. automatically collects data from
your browser, which may contain data about your device, software, location and surfing behaviour.
Quince Solutions B.V. uses different methods for this, such as cookies. You will find a complete list of
the data that may be collected under the heading ‘What personal data do we collect and when?’

• Collection of your data by third parties
Quince Solutions B.V. makes use of plug-ins and widgets of third parties on its website and/or app.
These parties collect your data directly from your internet browser; the processing of such is subject
to their own privacy policy.

The third parties collecting data via our website and/or app are:
Name                                        URL to privacy policy of the third party:

• Types of cookies and functionality
Quince Solutions B.V. uses cookies and pixel tags to follow our websites and/or app and to gain
insight in the preferences of our users. This enables us to deliver services and improve your online
experience. Quince Solutions B.V. also uses cookies and pixel tags to collect data on traffic and the
interaction with the websites, in order to establish trends in a statistical manner and thus improve
websites and apps even further. Quince Solutions B.V. generally uses three categories of cookies:

o Functional cookies. These cookies are needed for the basic functionality of the website
and are therefore always turned on. They will remember you if you visit our websites
within one or more sessions. They assist security and are also needed for compliance with
regulations. They also maintain your shopping cart and make the check-out process
o Performance. With the aid of these cookies Quince Solutions B.V. is able to follow the use
of the website and so improve its functionality. These cookies allow the website to load
quicker and remember the site preference as you have set them. If you refuse these
cookies, the website could load more slowly.

If you are looking for a complete overview of every party who gains access to data via cookies
(whether or not via our website), you can install a browser plug-in intended for that purpose.


Using websites and apps of Quince Solutions B.V. together with products and services of third

Our website and/or app allow you to combine this together with a large number of other digital
products and/or services, such as third-party activity trackers, social media, streaming services and
possibly other services. If you decide to link your personal account with a service from a third party,
the data you share with them becomes part of their privacy policy.


Quince Solutions B.V. can refer to websites and/or apps of third parties on its website and/or app via
links. This is purely intended for your convenience or for your information. These external websites
and/or apps are generally not in the control of Quince Solutions B.V. and therefore have their own
privacy policy. Of course Quince Solutions B.V. makes every effort to link to reliable and safe
websites and/or apps, but as they relate to external parties with whom there is usually no (privacy)
agreement, Quince Solutions B.V. is not responsible for the content of the external website and/or
app or the privacy policy of the relevant third party.


CHANGES in our privacy policy
Both the statutory regulations relating to privacy and our data collection and processing practices
may change from time to time. You can find the latest version on our website and/or app, including
version number and when this was most recently changed. This is version 2.0, dated 08 February


CONTACT Quince Solutions B.V. relating to the privacy policy
We welcome all your queries, comments and problems relating to our privacy policy and our privacy
practices. If you would like to give feedback, have questions or problems, or if you want to exercise
your rights relating to your personal data, please contact Quince Solutions B.V. via:

Telephone: +31 (0)20 347 1000
Visiting address: Quince Solutions B.V., Tupolevlaan 41-63, 1119 NW, Schiphol Rijk
Postal address: Quince Solutions B.V., Tupolevlaan 41-63, 1119 NW, Schiphol Rijk

If you contact us with a complaint about our privacy policy, Quince Solutions B.V. will ensure that
this will be resolved in an as timely and effective manner as possible. You also have the right to
lodge a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority in the country where you reside.