Augmented Reality Authorized Partners in The Middle East and African Region

Quince offers innovative ways for your existing and potential customers to interact with your brand.

We have been pioneering the use of AR and VR in marketing, with our experience going back to 1996. Whether you want to raise awareness for a new product or service, or simply promote a feature, Quince can connect you to your audience in an interactive, engaging manner.

Globally, AR and VR are expected to grow into a $95 billion market by 2025. For this reason we are expanding globally, by hiring regional authorized partners within the Middle East and Africa, as from January 2019.

Specific Regions:   A) Egypt and North Africa    B) GCC ( Except UAE )   C) Levant   D) South Africa

Our Partners Mission
1)  Gain exclusive rights to promote and sell Quince’s augmented reality solutions, to diverse industries: governments, education, real estate, telecom, travels, hospitality, airlines, retail, arts & museum.

2) Achieve the annual commercial goals, by working effectively towards creating demand. This is to be achieved through leading sales channels in the assigned region.

3) Facilitate joint-participation in global conferences, such as MWC in BCN and other high-level exhibitions.

4) Manage marketing & after-sales locally, with remote support from Quince Amsterdam.

5) Conduct monthly business reviews with Quince Regional Headquarters.

We provide you with
a) All needed materials, assets and training
b) Fantastic value propositions, in Arabic and English
c) Qualified leads in your assigned region
d) Facebook page linked with your market
e) Daily support, both technical and commercial

To apply, please be aware that you will be asked to sign confidentiality and other legal agreements. For your proposal, please send us your company credentials and a company presentation, including: sales operations & footprint, finance capacity, logistic capability, marketing & after-sales service capability.

Please submit your proposal before January 24th 2019, to: mohamed@quince.nl

We look forward to your correspondence.